You never forget your first… the lovely Bettine


I’m excited.  This is the FIRST EVER garment I ever made!!   I’m blogging about it 9 months after making it, so there’s no commentary here on the details.  Although I must tell you, this created high excitement, and triggered a mad love of making clothes.  I did make one or two things twenty years ago (!!), but let me tell you, trying to teach yourself dressmaking with only the big 4 pattern companies patterns for company is one hair-pulling/teeth-gnashing experience.  Being 20 and impatient, I gave up.

Much much later, when I bought my first Tilly and the Buttons pattern I heard angels sing when I opened it.  Oh the marvellous instruction booklet with photos and witty, easy-to-follow instuctions.  It was a pattern and a sewing lesson.  Joy!

Also, hello youtube, with your wonderful sewing tutorials and sewing vlogs.  And hello sewing blogs.  I’m learning oodles.  Very very happy.

I loved sewing this curvy pocket, which looks cool and holds many a biscuit.




4 thoughts on “You never forget your first… the lovely Bettine

  1. Tilly’s Bettine were my fourth and fifth items and I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about opening a Tilly and the Buttons pattern after miserably attempting a big four pattern. My first make was a Burda dress that I only managed to make because I went along to a dressmaking class for a term where I only worked on this dress. And I wore it only once. The dress took me all term, even though it was a simple pattern and I was also working on it at home, because the instructions were so hard for a newbie to figure out and then perform correctly. Then… So luckily for me, my dear friend Charlotte sent me two patterns for Christmas 2016, the Tilly and the Buttons Miette skirt and the Sew Over It Doris dress. Needless to say, I had the exact same experience that you did when I opened up the Tilly and the Buttons pattern. I had fabric bought and the garment made in less than a weekend. And I wore it so many times! I can’t overstate it enough that Tilly’s instructions and her additional online information are perfect for a brand new dressmaker. It was after my first Tilly and the Buttons pattern that I really did feel like I could do this (make clothes)!

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    1. YAY! I’ve just started a Miette, its nice to go back to basics, I’m making it to display in the sewing shop where I work. As soon as its warm enough here I’ll be wearing it in my summer wardrobe 🙂

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      1. Oooo I had been um-ing and ah-ring about what to wear with the Mimi blouse I’ve recently made. I had completely forgotten about my Miette skirt! They’ll go really well together.

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