Handmade fabric baskets make me happy

Don’t you find that sewing brings forth parts of you that you didn’t know existed?  Mostly good parts. 

So I learned that I need clean and tidy and organised spaces to make stuff in.  I have to tidy up before I sew.


I just re-organised my sewing cupboard and suddenly a wave of sewjo hit me.  Tis marvellous.  I know my cupboard isn’t especially beautiful or inspiring, but this is as tidy as it gets and it makes me happy.  I don’t sew IN my cupboard, please understand, I’m allowed out of there.  I have two little tables each underneath a velux window in our attic room, one has my sewing machine on, the other my overlocker.



I have also learned that I love using up all the little scraps. Love it. I try not to throw anything away.  However, I create so much scrappage that I can’t use it all.  This is why I have just bagged up SIX bags of scraps that I held onto thinking I would make a scrappy quilt or somesuch.

In fact they just clogged up my sewing cupboard and made me not want to sew.  I’ll take them to H&M who are wonderfully recycling them and rewarding us with £5 vouchers for each bag (2 vouchers maximum per drop off).

My fabric basket obsession, therefore, ticks many boxes.  They use up little remnants of fabric and they make things tidy.  Oh JOY.  My favourite tutorial for these is from a sweet YouTube channel called Treasurie, I have added a link to this at the end of this post.

Here are two of my little baskets, full of coasters and napkins (which are also made from scraps, and designed for the kids to use instead of kitchen roll at dinner time).  I thought it would be fun to show the party dress I made from which the basket remnants came from too.

The swan fabric is organic cotton, by Cloud 9.  When I was pregnant with my daughter my very excited mam made us a baby sling, which I proudly popped our newborn in.  By the time I got to the coffee shop 5 minutes walk away I realised it was a potential death trap and ordered a proper one.  The original mam sling is now beautiful (and safe) fabric basket lining.

H&M fabric recycling

Treasurie channel on YouTube

Cloud9 Fabrics

2 thoughts on “Handmade fabric baskets make me happy

  1. I’m very relieved to know you are allowed out your cupboard Rhonda 🙂 Do you know, I had no idea you could recycle stuff at H&M, that’s really good to know. I do love me a good voucher!

    More importantly, I love these cute little fabric baskets. I’m def going to have to see if my micro machine is up for it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thank you for your funny comment Sarah 🙂 Hee hee. Yes lets see if your micro machine can make cute little baskets. Before long your home will be covered in them. You can put all sorts in them, napkins, toys, children…


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