Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater

Now see this is probably my most made pattern Of All Time.  First I made many many mini briars for our small people and their friends.  Now I am making full-size ones for me.

I made it in a beautiful viscose jersey with lovely drape.   Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Briar T-Shirt Pattern

And here’s my version:



I made the medium size and am very happy with the fit (my measurements are bust 37″, waist 29.5″).  I’m going to try it in a small too for a more fitted version in a thicker jersey.

There are two ways to finish the neckline, and I love the neck binding method.  I think it looks professional and neat, and even in a slippery fine viscose jersey isn’t too tricky to do.


I love the way it drapes!



I also made the sweater version from remnant jersey – leftovers from t-shirts I’ve made my husband and my dad.  I thought it would be good to wear to a yoga class (so far this is aspirational yoga, but I will start going to a class soon I promise).


I added the deep cuffs (not on the original design) because I didn’t have enough of the sleeve fabric, now they are there I don’t like them too much actually, but at least my wrists won’t get cold!


Here is a selection of mini briars I have sewn for our daughters and their friends.  I’ve hacked them in various ways;  adding gathered skirts, lengthening to dress length, adding ruffles and so on.  They are t-shirts, nighties and dresses.  My most adventurous one is a little halloween zombie bride made out of black crushed velvet (that once was a dress of my mam’s).





I’ve definitely had my money’s worth out of these two patterns, and there are plenty more planned.  Thank you Megan Nielsen!



Megan Nielsen Briar and Mini Briar:

Megan Nielsen patterns



3 thoughts on “Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater

  1. You’ve really mastered the T shirt Rhonda, you look so stylish but comfortable too, sooo important.
    I’m really impressed with your stitching, stretch fabrics can be so difficult to sew. Also love your pants, the shape is so flattering. Core wardrobe essentials I’d say. Your blog is inspiring and informative, really nice to see the photos of your creations, you look soooooo happy. Creating your own clothes is so satisfying don’t you think, that certainly shines out from you and what a great sense of achievement.
    Well done you, I shall look forward to seeing more of your stitching.
    Nana May would be incredibly proud of you………..Much love 💕.


    1. Eee hello Aunty Laura, thank you for reading my blog! Lee also said Nana would be proud, which of course is about the nicest thing I could read. I would love to see what you’re making too – maybe you could start a blog!!


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