A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

I think this muu muu dress from Pretty Prudent is outrageously cute and ridiculously easy to sew. I love sewing children’s clothes because I can play with patterns and colours, and they are nice and quick to make (usually).

This is a free tutorial and one-size pattern, and because of its elasticated neckline and loose shape it can be made for little girls from 3 to 6.


I made it for my daughter just before she turned 7, but she’s quite little.  Its a little small for her, but the great thing about dressmaking is you can tweak the fit.  I extended the length a bit and opened up the armhole an inch or two so she can pull it on and off easily.  Hoping to entice her to wear it I added irresistible pom poms.


The sleeves and heart detail are remnants from some of my clothes, its a beautiful Merchant and Mills chambray.  I try to adopt a zero-waste sewing style, which is brilliant on the budget plus nice and sustainable.  Not so brilliant for my storage issues, my poor cupboard is bursting.  I try not to put anything in landfill, which means I keep all of my fabric leftovers, apart from the teeny scraps which I give to the charity shops to sell on as rags.

I borrowed the heart motif from the Megan Nielsen Mini Briar t shirt, which I have made a gazillion times.


This sweet rosy cotton fabric has been in my stash for as long as I can remember, I think my nana probably bought it from the man in the market some time in the 1980s.  It has been accessorised with an artfully arranged fern headpiece!

I hope it is worn lots and lots and then passed on to another little girl to accessorise as only 6 year olds can 🙂



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