A little jumpsuit: McCalls M7376

Oh my gosh I am in LOVE with this pattern!  Its easy to make and I think it looks SO cute.  Three of them zoomed off my sewing machine as I perfected the fit in versions made out of old duvet covers (which are good enough to wear but a tad too small).



Its getting nice and chilly in the UK as I write this in autumn, which I love.  So this pattern is not at all seasonal for me, but I couldn’t resist a little throwback to my summer holiday sewing for the smallest person in our house.


I sewed view E, and added an inch to the length of the bodice, and also an inch to the crotch seam to avoid the dreaded wedgie.  The dotty floppy bow isn’t on the pattern, I added it to show which was the front, and because we like big daft bows around here.

The pineapple fabric is 100% cotton from Ditto in Brighton.  In my mad dash to finish it and pack it, I cut the bodice and backs of the legs pieces upside down.  Oops.


I like to move the straps in towards the centre an inch or so to stop them slipping off the shoulders.


I think she likes it!


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