Hola, Frida Kahlo Top!

I love the fact that Ikatee sewing patterns are a thing that exist in the world.  I could sew every single one I think.  So far I’ve made three little garments for our small folk and I think they make me as happy as they do the recipients.

Ikatee Marjorque Top

The Majorque top is all kinds of lovely.  It is loose and cool and swingy, and the back is very very very very sweet.


This top makes me so happy that sometimes I just hang it up in her room when I’m putting her to bed, and smile at its cuteness.  Does anyone else do that?  I love the fabric and Ikatee patterns are such wonderful shapes…. ahhhh… happy sigh.

One of our favourite bedtime books is the Frida Kahlo edition of the Little People, Big Dreams series (thank you Aunty Sarah).  We love how Frida lived a big vibrant life in spite of, maybe because of, her physical limitations.  So is wearing the top a symbol of pride, living large, with wings…? Or maybe its the pretty colours that makes it such a popular choice.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 19.09.05

I made a size 7Y for a nearly-8 but quite titchy girl and there is plenty room for growth in it.  The fabric makes her want to wear it a lot which is the most important thing.  Next time I made on I’ll try it in something with more drape or a melty-soft double gauze.  Although then I will keep squeezing her all the time and she will roll her eyes at me and be all embarrassed.


I used t shirt yarn for the straps because I thought making straps out of the cotton would be a) boring and b) stiff.   I finished with a cheeky quick overlock because I like the finish.

Its first outing was a junior school disco where thousands of chips were consumed and very silly dancing occurred.  It was a hot and sweaty affair so the floaty Frida was a wise choice.  It has since been floated around French forests and Brighton’s seafront.  It performs well in both cartwheel and hula hoop.

If you are pondering sewing this pattern, I highly recommend it.  I think it will work well with all kinds of wovens and even jerseys, and its got some nice techniques to keep you amused and out of trouble 🙂

Ikatee Majorque Top


IMG_20190621_175313129 (1)

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