Pyjamas of Joy


Squeak!  These little pyjamas make me so happy for many reasons!

  1. They are 100% upcycled  – mostly from a duvet cover my mam made, from fabric my nana bought (so its probably at least 15 years old).  I couldn’t quite squeeze them out of it so I made the front panel out of a remnant from a dress I made my step daughter.


2.  They are so snuggly!  I love adding cute little details and having made many many Megan Nielsen Mini Briar t-shirts with her trademark loveheart, I add this to most little tees.

3. They are a solution to a problem!  We moved house a month ago and soon realised not all of the previous inhabitants had moved out.  Fleas.  Argh.  Luckily its winter, so we are more than happy to cover ourselves up, we are walking around with our trousers tucked into our socks.  However, the small one likes to play in her nightie and her little bare legs were dinner!  Not any more, not now she has my flea-thwarting PJs’ (TM)!


So these pj’s are a flea-thwarting, upcycled, remnant-using, super-soft and snuggly thing of joy.


Top: Burda Kids 9346 size 8.  Modifications: – put elastic in the sleeve cuffs, appliqued loveheart and unicorn because cute

Bottoms: Simplicity joggers, size small.  Modifications:- added 1″ to crotch rise for extra comfort and anti-wedgie strategy

Fabric: all upcycled (polishes halo)

Model is 127cm tall, 20″ tummy


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