Seamwork Leonara skirt

Seamwork Leonara skirt Tilly Walnes Freya Top

Its day 5 of Me-made May and already I’ve got nothing to wear.  Or haven’t I??!  I dug out this unloved skirt, abandoned because of a popped button and gaping and because I can never find shoes that work with it.  Well its lockdown baby, we don’t need shoes!

Seamwork Leonara skirt Tilly Walnes Freya Top

I kinda like it now :). It did not fit like this to begin with – I wish I had a photo of the gazeebo in corduroy I originally sewed.  Artless seam-hacking got me the fit I like, but I didn’t leave a trail of pattern-altering crumbs to follow.  I think I’ll just size down next time (but all the printing of the pdf, and the sticking, waaaaaa!)

seamwork leanora skirt tilly walnes freya top

I look smug here because I am wearing lipstick and everything.

seamwork leanora skirt tilly walnes freya top

Its a bit chilly today, so another layer is needed (except for when hoovering when am mostly sweating and swearing).

seamwork leanora skirt tessuti mandy boat tee

Ta-ta for now!

seamwork leanora skirt tessuti mandy boat tee

Geeky details:

My measurements:

Bust 37.5″, waist 29″, hips 39″, height 5’6″


Pattern – the Leonara skirt by Seamwork.  Size 10

Fabric: chocolate-brown jumbo cotton corduroy given to me by my generous and stylish brother-in-law

Modifications – I had to take it in by several acres.  The yoke at the back stuck out at bizarre angles.  I think I should have made the size 8.  It could also be the fabric, I find corduroy has a tendency to grooooowww.


Pattern – Freya top from Tilly Walnes book “Stretch”.  Size 4

Fabric – cotton jersey from Oh Sew Ditsy, I can’t remember the manufacturer.  It is excellent quality, looks like new after a gazillion washes.  Its quite thick, perhaps its a double knit??

Modifications: I think perhaps none, but I could do with half an inch extra around the bust next time I reckon.


Pattern – massively hacked Mandy boat tee by Tessuti fabrics

Fabric – Teal cotton ponte roma

Mods – I added a french dart, skinnied the sleeves, added a weird shoulder puff by mistake that I ended up liking, and made a giant inside out hem/pocket at the front.  Basically I just had lots of fun playing with what began as a very unflattering top (because I chose a fabric with too much body for the pattern).




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