My Seasalt Reeta Dress

Sometimes I need to sew something that requires all of my attention and patience.  So that I can lose myself in it and at the end have something I feel really proud of.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-10 at 16.53.29

The Named Patterns Reeta dress has been made by lots of sewists and many of them probably found it a breeze, but this is my second one (first one here) and the collar/yoke  took 5 attempts.  And the burrito method witchcraft magic sew it inside itself cast a spell turn it around 7 times yoke method made me want to lie down.  But I do love it, its so neat and professional-looking.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-10 at 16.53.42

The fabric is the softest I’ve ever sewn with, its from Seasalt and has long-since sold out, but there is something of similar ilk on their website.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-10 at 16.53.36

Happily, there was plenty left to make an off-the-shoulder top for the small person.  I plan to make as many matchy matchy outfits as I can get away with before she stops thinking its nice to look like Mammy.

Named Clothing Reeta Dress Seasalt fabric

I will always associate the Cornish clothing company Seasalt with my parents, for years they holidayed in Cornwall in a tent, a tippee, a campervan, a motorhome.  My mam always likes to pop into Seasalt when we shop closer to home in Lewes, and my carpenter dad appreciates their beautiful bent-plywood light fittings.

Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 14.55.04
From Seasalt’s website: Tom Raffield’s lighting designs in one of their shops

So me and my mam were Very Excited Indeed when Seasalt started selling fabric, and even more so when we stumbled on a SALE!  Together we bought the last 5 metres of this linen/viscose blend in a lovely fresh cobalt blue and white abstract nautical print.  My 2.5m sat in the cupboard, too nice to sew (you know, that fabric you love so much you daren’t sew?).  Then lockdown happened and my mam sent over a bundle of stuff for us, including her half of the fabric – so that was it.  I decided it had to become something marvellous.

Sewing details for those so inclined

Me – height 5″6″, bust 37″ waist 29″ hips 39″


Named Clothing Reeta dress, size 12/40

Modifications – Shortened to a few inches below the knee.  No side splits.  Replaced drawstring with belt (used the pattern piece from my Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit)



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