Victor la Maison Crystal Top Transformation

Bored? Play “The Great British Sewing Bee Transformation Challenge” in the comfort of your own sewing space! Sadly no Patrick and Esme, but also you won’t be sweating/crying creating something in 3 minutes while being watched by 3 million viewers.


  1. Expanding your fabric horizons.
  2. Sustainable.
  3. Charitable (if nightie type item purchased in charity/thrift shop).
  4. Cheap.
  5. Problem-solving brain-expanding dopamine-giving hit of satisfaction.

I’m feeling blousey at the moment, but don’t have the right kind of fabric in my stash to test blouse pattern. Unwilling to buy cheap polyester (don’t get me started) for a toile, I turned to my pile of Things I Buy in Charity Shops After Too Much Coffee. See image below.

This is the Crystal top by Victor la Maison, issue 1.

Sizing and modifications

My bust measurement is 37″ / 94cm and I cut a size 12.

I took it in at the side panels from under the bust to the hem, and shortened it by about 4″ to tuck in without bulk, and to sit where I like when untucked.

I like to think I have liberated that Nana Nightie and given it a reason to live. I have also discovered that burgandy is nice to me. Hurrah!

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