Stay Safe Sets

Stay Safe Sets

Face coverings and hand sanitisers are now a way of life. So I make sets to keep everything in one place and easier to remember. I like to think they are stylish, comfortable, smell good and be kind on your skin. Because self care rocks.

Rhonda Ziman Sogosew Stay Safe Set

I love making the sets because each one is totally unique, and using up remnants of beautiful cotton in my stash. I tailor them to each customer, and even made a matching dog bandana!

What’s in a Stay Safe Set?

  • A Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gel – 73% alcohol with ingredients that are kind to your skin – camomile extract and either mango or coconut oil
  • A handmade by me face covering – 100% cotton, 2 layers
  • A fine bag to pop your used face coverings in a) to keep separate from clean ones and b) can bung them all in the washing machine c) to prevent the toggles from going on holiday inside important parts of your washing machine.
  • A pretty drawstring back to keep in your car / by your door / in your bag to try not to forget the buggers.

Oh face masks. Surely the symbol of this time we are living through. At first I felt like we were living in a horrible science fiction horror, with everyone covering their faces and hiding indoors. The first ones I made I did so because I thought I should, for free, to feel useful. I’m glad I did and there was a shortage so it felt necessary. But I felt anxious and sad making them.

It feels strange remembering those feelings because now I actually like making and wearing a face covering. To me they are an accessory to be styled up along with scarves. I like to see others wearing them and see it as a symbol of us all taking care of each other, as the mask is to protect others rather than ourselves.

Why I love this design

Fit – I chose the 3D design because I am borderline obsessive about the fit of face coverings. I recognise that they are not comparable to the medical masks, but I do want them to perform as well as a fabric mask can.

100% cotton – woven tightly enough to reduce particle flow from snoz into air. Washes well, laughs in the face of a hot wash (though personally I just pop them in my eco-cycle wash cos I only need mine for post office/shop)

Fog-reduction – I love the fit over the nose, especially because you can rest your specs on them and no more fogging! The days of stumbling around the shop blindly are over! And the fact that there is no fogging means there is far less breath escaping up and into the breathing air of each other.

Two Layers – I have made 3 layer masks that must be great safety wise but I can hardly breath through, and single layers that I wonder whats the point? Two layers is a happy medium. You can add a filter. If I go to the doctor’s I put a disposable mask on underneath because we have 2 kids at school and while we are super careful I would not like to breathe virus-y germs on my beloved GP.

Kind to the ears – the elastic is super-soft and converted me from diehard tie-behind-the-head preference (is a bit of a faff but comfy). This mask is lovely to the ears.

Toggles – I love a toggle! I have learned how vastly different our face sizes are, who knew! Super important to be able to get a good fit without gapping at the sides, and these little silicon fellas create instant good fit.

Nice to make – lovely little bits, all sewn together in manner of origami. Most satisfying. Can play around with contrasting flappy bits too for extra fun.

If you want to sew your own, here’s where to look…

Stitch Odyssey (AKA Marie Koupparis) created a video on Instagram that catapulted the 3D mask into widespread awareness (on Planet Sewing, where I reside). I think it originated with Romilda Dias, who’s tutorial in Spanish has been wonderfully recreated in English by Marie in Instagram, and these glorious women in YouTube:

I love Sewsonatural – Juliet, winner of the Great British Sewing Bee! Her videos are great, so this tutorial is fab and includes a free pattern, which I used for my masks.

Marcey Harriell is hilarious, and talented and kind and I love her.

Both of these women will reply kindly to your comments thus making you feel all happy inside like you are a little bit friends with them.

Who knew I could say so much about such a little thing? I hope you are making peace with your face coverings and dare I say it, even liking them, maybe a tiny bit?

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