The ruffle skirt pandemic triumph

I made this skirt as part of my City & Guilds Pattern-Cutting course and at the time I was stressed and exhausted so very happy for something to focus on other than the GLOBAL PANDEMIC AAARRGH. My fabulous tutor – Julia Hincks – gave me lots of support by peering at multitudes of emailed photos and talking me through the tricky bits.

The skirt began its life as a cotton bedsheet toile to check the fit and practice the techniques. I hate gathering, but ruffles make me smile, so I decided thats how I’d elevate an otherwise very boring skirt.

The City & Guilds certificate has lured the perfectionist out of me and I’d previously attained distinctions for a shirt dress and a pair of jeans – the 3 levels are pass, merit, distinction. I felt so proud of myself for learning how to pattern cut from a textbook and worksheets, when I should have been in a classroom with my tutor demonstrating and on hand to show me what to do. So I wasn’t shooting for the stars this time, I just wanted to pass, so I was chuffed to bits with my merit mark!

I used a lovely stretch cotton bought at a bargain price from Oh Sew Ditsy, it was incredibly easy to work with and getting a snug fit around the bum nice and easy because I could just take the side seams in. Probably cheating on a pattern cutting course, tee hee.

I highly recommend pattern-cutting if you like nicely sharpened pencils, rulers, crisp fresh paper and scissors. I found it calming to do something so precise and methodical. Perfect antidote to the chaos at the time.

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