Burn testing silk

I had 4 fabrics in my stash that I was convinced were silk. They had that good weight to them, a lovely drop and drape, a cool smooth hand, and slinked and oozed luxury.

So they passed all the tests my hands and eyes could do.

So the only thing left was a burn test – such fun!

Turns out only 2 were true silk. The navy fabric astonished me because i was convinced it was silk, I’ve even sewed a dress in it and swished around proudly! But the flame doesn’t lie – it shrank and withered and most tellingly, melted. It’s definitely synthetic, it dripped a little so it is possibly nylon. I’m flabbergasted by that one!

Do these outside with water handy – viscose is highly flammable (ask me how I know!). Made me think twice about ever wearing viscose near a naked flame I tell you!

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