Holey Moley repairing jeans is fun!

Inspired by the marvellous movement to eschew buying more stuff and instead care for what we have, I’ve turned to repairing stuff. These are my dad’s jeans, he wears his clothes to death and these jeans will be 15 years old I’m sure. He is a furniture maker and a dab hand at fixing and upcycling furniture, so he is chuffed to bits that I’ve fixed his jeans.

I found scraps of denim and pinned them to the inside of the holes, I had the wrong side facing out as it was closest to the very faded jeans. I used a free range embroidery foot on my Bernina and disengaged the feed dogs. Fun! My stitching was all over the place, very scribbly. As jeans aren’t meant to look smart I decided the wibbly wobbly stitching was a bonus. I stitched across the hole horizontally, then attempted to stitch in line with the diagonal twill of the fabric.

The mending is visible, and I like that as these are a lovely worn in pair of working jeans that my dad wears in his workshop and for gardening. The fabric around the hole is stretched out so I expect steaming and/or washing should help the repair blend in further.

Et voila, jeans, without the knee-ventilation. May warmer knees prevail.

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