Hi!  I’m Rhonda and I live in East Sussex with my Mr and our 2 girls.  I discovered the joy of sewing in 2015, when a sewing shop opened up the road.  Squeak.  So excited.  I bought a pattern and some nice easy cotton, a dress happened… I was in love!

I am pleased to share what I’ve made since then, and join the community of sewers/sewists/seamsters that I have been admiring for ages.

I am hoping to encourage beginners to get sewing, to value clothes, and to relish in the process of making.  I try to take nice photographs in the hope of inspiring people to boost their confidence by making and wearing clothes that will last for years.   Often making the garment is much easier than getting a good photo of me in it!  Many thanks to my (usually) patient photographer (husband).

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