My Reeta Dress

Please can I have  sort of 1940s day dress with a 1980s safari vibe? Yes, yes I can. I want a grown-up dress that I can pop on and feel put-together and chic in with absolutely zero effort on my part. Well, lots of effort in the making part, zero effort in the getting-dressed part.…… Continue reading My Reeta Dress

I made a coat with the Stitch Sisters!

Only the insane amateur sewist would attempt to make a lined wool coat in two days.  Well butter my bum and call me Croissant, because I did it.  Of course, I had help.  Lots of help.  Glorious help from the wonderful Stitch Sisters, Nikki and Rachel.   Squeak! The wrap around coat was designed by the…… Continue reading I made a coat with the Stitch Sisters!

My first coat!! The Maker’s Atelier Raw-Edged Coat

I have had my beady eye on this coat for absolutely ages but I chickened out of sewing it because a coat!  Too hard surely?  I made the “raw-edged coat” pattern from The Essential Collection by The Maker’s Atelier.  Except I didn’t want raw edges.  So just the “coat” then.  Sounds less impressive now.  Anyway…… Continue reading My first coat!! The Maker’s Atelier Raw-Edged Coat

My Miette skirt

Dressing head to toe in pink makes me very happy.  Apart from the fact that it is usually very kind to my colouring, I have just read in The Guardian that “It’s a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment.”  I’ll take it. I feel very womanly in this skirt, it’s a bit…… Continue reading My Miette skirt

A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

I think this muu muu dress from Pretty Prudent is outrageously cute and ridiculously easy to sew. I love sewing children’s clothes because I can play with patterns and colours, and they are nice and quick to make (usually). This is a free tutorial and one-size pattern, and because of its elasticated neckline and loose shape…… Continue reading A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

Sew Over It Penny Dress (of joy)

When this fabric arrived at Oh Sew Ditsy I got a bit over-excited.  Or the appropriate amount of excited? Its a Merchant and Mills Indian hand-blocked cotton.  The pigment in the dye is so gorgeously rich, a lovely tomato ketchup red. There is probably a more poetic description of that colour.  The cotton is a…… Continue reading Sew Over It Penny Dress (of joy)

Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater

Now see this is probably my most made pattern Of All Time.  First I made many many mini briars for our small people and their friends.  Now I am making full-size ones for me. I made it in a beautiful viscose jersey with lovely drape.   Here’s what it’s supposed to look like: And here’s my…… Continue reading Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater

The Merchant and Mills shop and the Saltmarsh skirt

Happy sigh. Following a recent trip to beautiful Rye in Sussex I am enjoying a healthy obsession with all things Merchant and Mills.  I like their aesthetic, and the workshop vibe of both their shop and their branding.  It reminds me more of my dad’s woodworking shed than a sewing space.  It encourages us to…… Continue reading The Merchant and Mills shop and the Saltmarsh skirt