Pyjamas of Joy

Squeak!  These little pyjamas make me so happy for many reasons! They are 100% upcycled  – mostly from a duvet cover my mam made, from fabric my nana bought (so its probably at least 15 years old).  I couldn’t quite squeeze them out of it so I made the front panel out of a remnant…… Continue reading Pyjamas of Joy

Sleeveless Blouse from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Book

I enjoyed making this top so much I wouldn’t have minded if the small one hadn’t liked it.  Although she likes it very very much.  Her criteria for liking clothes are simple: comfort and nice fabric.  If I sew clothes in fabric she loves I’m pretty much onto a winner. The fabric is a Merchant…… Continue reading Sleeveless Blouse from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Book

Hola, Frida Kahlo Top!

I love the fact that Ikatee sewing patterns are a thing that exist in the world.  I could sew every single one I think.  So far I’ve made three little garments for our small folk and I think they make me as happy as they do the recipients. The Majorque top is all kinds of lovely. …… Continue reading Hola, Frida Kahlo Top!

A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

I think this muu muu dress from Pretty Prudent is outrageously cute and ridiculously easy to sew. I love sewing children’s clothes because I can play with patterns and colours, and they are nice and quick to make (usually). This is a free tutorial and one-size pattern, and because of its elasticated neckline and loose shape…… Continue reading A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

How to make the easiest cutest skirt ever (Even if you’re a sewing newbie)

This skirt brings joy because it is quick, easy and oh-so-customisable.  Enjoy!  This version is intended for little girls, but it can easily be scaled up for grown-ups. The skirt can have pockets or double layers, ribbons, pom poms and applique. I have provided here a skirt tutorial for a very basic skirt that you…… Continue reading How to make the easiest cutest skirt ever (Even if you’re a sewing newbie)

Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater

Now see this is probably my most made pattern Of All Time.  First I made many many mini briars for our small people and their friends.  Now I am making full-size ones for me. I made it in a beautiful viscose jersey with lovely drape.   Here’s what it’s supposed to look like: And here’s my…… Continue reading Megan Nielsen Briar t-shirt / sweater