Merchant and Mills Saltmarsh Skirt + Tilly Walnes Frankie Tee

Day 9 of Me Made May and the sun is out so beachy prints are go!  This is the 3rd Saltmarsh Skirt I’ve made, lovely lovely pattern to sew.  I love the nice deep pockets too. I like the casual elegance of this below the knee skirt, and the fabric, oooh the fabric!  Its a…… Continue reading Merchant and Mills Saltmarsh Skirt + Tilly Walnes Frankie Tee

Seamwork Leonara skirt

Its day 5 of Me-made May and already I’ve got nothing to wear.  Or haven’t I??!  I dug out this unloved skirt, abandoned because of a popped button and gaping and because I can never find shoes that work with it.  Well its lockdown baby, we don’t need shoes! I kinda like it now :).…… Continue reading Seamwork Leonara skirt

My Miette skirt

Dressing head to toe in pink makes me very happy.  Apart from the fact that it is usually very kind to my colouring, I have just read in The Guardian that “It’s a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment.”  I’ll take it. I feel very womanly in this skirt, it’s a bit…… Continue reading My Miette skirt

My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits

A whole month of wearing my me-made clothes!  Marvellous.  Because I’m a bit mad, I don’t buy clothes any more.  Extreme I know, but I just love making them.  So wearing something handmade everyday is what I already do, but making the most of the clothes I have instead of making more?  Now that is…… Continue reading My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits

How to do a fashion revolution – from shopaholic to conscious sewist in 5 steps

The fashion revolution is a global movement that encourages us to buy fewer clothes, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer. I had a little fashion rebellion of my own two years ago when I decided to stop shopping for clothes and to make my own.  I wasn’t…… Continue reading How to do a fashion revolution – from shopaholic to conscious sewist in 5 steps

You never forget your first… the lovely Bettine

I’m excited. This is the FIRST EVER garment I ever made!! I’m blogging about it 9 months after making it, so there’s no
commentary here on the details. Although I must tell you, this created high excitement, and triggered a mad love of making clothes. I did make one or two things twenty years ago (!!), but let me tell you, trying to teach yourself dressmaking with only the big 4 pattern companies patterns for company is one hair-pulling/teeth-gnashing experience. Being 20 and impatient, I gave up.