My Miette skirt

Dressing head to toe in pink makes me very happy.  Apart from the fact that it is usually very kind to my colouring, I have just read in The Guardian that “It’s a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment.”  I’ll take it. I feel very womanly in this skirt, it’s a bit…… Continue reading My Miette skirt

My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits

A whole month of wearing my me-made clothes!  Marvellous.  Because I’m a bit mad, I don’t buy clothes any more.  Extreme I know, but I just love making them.  So wearing something handmade everyday is what I already do, but making the most of the clothes I have instead of making more?  Now that is…… Continue reading My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits

How to do a fashion revolution – from shopaholic to conscious sewist in 5 steps

The fashion revolution is a global movement that encourages us to buy fewer clothes, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer. I had a little fashion rebellion of my own two years ago when I decided to stop shopping for clothes and to make my own.  I wasn’t…… Continue reading How to do a fashion revolution – from shopaholic to conscious sewist in 5 steps

You never forget your first… the lovely Bettine

I’m excited. This is the FIRST EVER garment I ever made!! I’m blogging about it 9 months after making it, so there’s no
commentary here on the details. Although I must tell you, this created high excitement, and triggered a mad love of making clothes. I did make one or two things twenty years ago (!!), but let me tell you, trying to teach yourself dressmaking with only the big 4 pattern companies patterns for company is one hair-pulling/teeth-gnashing experience. Being 20 and impatient, I gave up.