Named Patterns Ninni Culottes

Day 4 of Me Made May and I’m feeling comfy and ready for some kung-fu action! Its a lovely day, but a bit chilly in the shade so I popped my favourite jumper on 🙂 Belt –  easy-peasy – I hemmed 1.6m grosgrain from Merchant and Mills Sewists may like to know the following details:…… Continue reading Named Patterns Ninni Culottes

Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit

  Why did I wait so long to sew this fabulous pattern?  The Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit is easy to wear and a pleasure to sew. Forever ago, in the times when we were allowed to go in shops and to sewing workshops (I am writing this during the Covid-19 lockdown) my friend Suzi…… Continue reading Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit

My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits

A whole month of wearing my me-made clothes!  Marvellous.  Because I’m a bit mad, I don’t buy clothes any more.  Extreme I know, but I just love making them.  So wearing something handmade everyday is what I already do, but making the most of the clothes I have instead of making more?  Now that is…… Continue reading My Top 10 Me Made May Outfits