Named Patterns Ninni Culottes

Day 4 of Me Made May and I’m feeling comfy and ready for some kung-fu action! Its a lovely day, but a bit chilly in the shade so I popped my favourite jumper on ūüôā Belt –¬† easy-peasy – I hemmed 1.6m grosgrain from Merchant and Mills Sewists may like to know the following details:…… Continue reading Named Patterns Ninni Culottes

Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit

  Why did I wait so long to sew this fabulous pattern?¬† The Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit is easy to wear and a pleasure to sew. Forever ago, in the times when we were allowed to go in shops and to sewing workshops (I am writing this during the Covid-19 lockdown) my friend Suzi…… Continue reading Closet Case Patterns Amy Jumpsuit

Pyjamas of Joy

Squeak!¬† These little pyjamas make me so happy for many reasons! They are 100% upcycled¬† – mostly from a duvet cover my mam made, from fabric my nana bought (so its probably at least 15 years old).¬† I couldn’t quite squeeze them out of it so I made the front panel out of a remnant…… Continue reading Pyjamas of Joy

Sleeveless Blouse from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Book

I enjoyed making this top so much I wouldn’t have minded if the small one hadn’t liked it.¬† Although she likes it very very much.¬† Her criteria for liking clothes are simple: comfort and nice fabric.¬† If I sew clothes in fabric she loves I’m pretty much onto a winner. The fabric is a Merchant…… Continue reading Sleeveless Blouse from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids Book

Hola, Frida Kahlo Top!

I love the fact that Ikatee¬†sewing patterns are a thing that exist in the world.¬† I could sew every single one I think.¬† So far I’ve made three little garments for our small folk and I think they make me as happy as they do the recipients. The Majorque top is all kinds of lovely.¬†…… Continue reading Hola, Frida Kahlo Top!

Tutorial: recycle old jumpers into sweet kawaii monsters

My 7 year old daughter’s class topic this term at school is “trash to treasure”.¬† A perfect opportunity for us to cut up old stuff and sew up fun stuff! I wanted to come up with something that transforms secondhand materials.¬† And something that wasn’t gender-specific.¬† And something fun to make, then play with.¬† And…… Continue reading Tutorial: recycle old jumpers into sweet kawaii monsters

Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

Dressmaking does rather leave one with a large amount of odd-shaped fabric leftovers.¬† Fear not – there are several thousand ways to use them up.¬† Here are some of my favourites. AKA ideas for gifts when you are skint.¬† Or when your cup of happiness overfloweth and you just feel like making someone something. Tote…… Continue reading Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

I made a coat with the Stitch Sisters!

Only the insane amateur sewist would attempt to make a lined wool coat in two days.¬† Well butter my bum and call me Croissant, because I did it.¬† Of course, I had help.¬† Lots of help.¬† Glorious help from the wonderful Stitch Sisters, Nikki and Rachel.¬† ¬†Squeak! The wrap around coat was designed by the…… Continue reading I made a coat with the Stitch Sisters!