The Merchant and Mills shop and the Saltmarsh skirt

Happy sigh. Following a recent trip to beautiful Rye in Sussex I am enjoying a healthy obsession with all things Merchant and Mills.  I like their aesthetic, and the workshop vibe of both their shop and their branding.  It reminds me more of my dad’s woodworking shed than a sewing space.  It encourages us to…… Continue reading The Merchant and Mills shop and the Saltmarsh skirt

You never forget your first… the lovely Bettine

I’m excited. This is the FIRST EVER garment I ever made!! I’m blogging about it 9 months after making it, so there’s no
commentary here on the details. Although I must tell you, this created high excitement, and triggered a mad love of making clothes. I did make one or two things twenty years ago (!!), but let me tell you, trying to teach yourself dressmaking with only the big 4 pattern companies patterns for company is one hair-pulling/teeth-gnashing experience. Being 20 and impatient, I gave up.