Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

Dressmaking does rather leave one with a large amount of odd-shaped fabric leftovers.  Fear not – there are several thousand ways to use them up.  Here are some of my favourites. AKA ideas for gifts when you are skint.  Or when your cup of happiness overfloweth and you just feel like making someone something. Tote…… Continue reading Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

I think this muu muu dress from Pretty Prudent is outrageously cute and ridiculously easy to sew. I love sewing children’s clothes because I can play with patterns and colours, and they are nice and quick to make (usually). This is a free tutorial and one-size pattern, and because of its elasticated neckline and loose shape…… Continue reading A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

Handmade fabric baskets make me happy

Don’t you find that sewing brings forth parts of you that you didn’t know existed?  Mostly good parts.  So I learned that I need clean and tidy and organised spaces to make stuff in.  I have to tidy up before I sew. I just re-organised my sewing cupboard and suddenly a wave of sewjo hit…… Continue reading Handmade fabric baskets make me happy