Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

Dressmaking does rather leave one with a large amount of odd-shaped fabric leftovers.  I love using up as much of my fabric as humanly possible, and I am building up quite a nice little collection of patterns and templates for happy little projects. Tote bags Require roughly half a metre of fabric (assuming its the…… Continue reading Nice things to do with your fabric scraps

A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

I think this muu muu dress from Pretty Prudent is outrageously cute and ridiculously easy to sew. I love sewing children’s clothes because I can play with patterns and colours, and they are nice and quick to make (usually). This is a free tutorial and one-size pattern, and because of its elasticated neckline and loose shape…… Continue reading A Cheeky Muu Muu dress

Handmade fabric baskets make me happy

Don’t you find that sewing brings forth parts of you that you didn’t know existed?  Mostly good parts.  So I learned that I need clean and tidy and organised spaces to make stuff in.  I have to tidy up before I sew. I just re-organised my sewing cupboard and suddenly a wave of sewjo hit…… Continue reading Handmade fabric baskets make me happy